Where can you get money for your own office? Your personal finance knowledge base – Taking a Loan

Some businesses require us to run an office in one way or another. We may need a place worth receiving customers or contractors or space for uninterrupted work alone or in a team. Unfortunately, the costs of running an office can be unpleasant for our budget. However, there are ways to do it.


What is the office for?

office loan

Before we start looking for opportunities and solutions, we must answer the question: what is the office for? Only then can we develop a further strategy of action, i.e. determining the location, estimating the optimal size of the room (rooms?), Compiling a list of necessary equipment, etc. Is all we need is peace? Do we act alone? Do we want to receive clients in the office? Do we need a large storage space?

There are many questions, but having your company and knowing exactly what we do, the answers will come automatically and you won’t have to spend a lot of time thinking about them.


Home office

Home office

The first and cheapest way to get a cheap office is to organize a workplace at home. We can easily and without excessive financial outlays adjust one of the rooms so that it is suitable for our needs. We can buy or buy a desk or table at which we work at a store, if we take a good look around. Or maybe we don’t have to spend money on it? Maybe all we already have is enough? In this case, we are left with purchases of office supplies, e.g. folders and binders, and possibly electronic equipment, if we do not have the right one yet. All this, with a little time and commitment, we can buy spending very little.

Let’s look on the Internet for inspirations and how to arrange a home office. The ideas of designers, and even ordinary Internet users, can be surprising – and brilliant!


Office sharing, i.e. coworking

Office sharing, i.e. coworking

Work at home does not suit everyone, and there are always conditions for it. On the other hand, it’s not like we actually need (and can afford financially) to run an office in a rented or even more purchased premises. Then what?

The solution is coworking, i.e. sharing the office with other entrepreneurs who are in a similar situation as we are. Let’s check if there is an area rented for hours somewhere around which small business people can use. The prices of such rentals are of course very different and they depend on the city and the equipment available on site. The best coworking spaces are waiting only for us, because not only we have something to sit on, we can also use the fully equipped kitchen, wifi, as well as meeting rooms.

Business incubator

The possibility of renting an office (or even just a desk) for hours is offered not only by private entrepreneurs earning on coworking, but also by institutions called Business Incubators. They are focused on helping development of novice companies, so in addition to providing space for work, we can use special training programs, business consulting, etc.


Rental of premises with others

apartment rental

The costs of running and maintaining an office can always be shared by renting a room or premises to a company with other people. We distribute all bills (rent, utilities, heating, internet) between us – just like when renting an apartment.

Of course, there is also a minus of this solution: you never know if one of the “roommates” will not withdraw, which will cause the rental costs to increase automatically (fewer people to share). In addition, if this situation persists for a long time, it may cause a hole in our budget, which means that we will have to give up.


Where to get money for office equipment?

Where to get money for office equipment?

If we do not have our own money that we could spend on arranging the office, we can use the services of loan companies or tanks. The most important thing is to make a shopping list and get an idea of ​​the prices. Taking loans makes sense only if we know exactly what amount we need. Why do we need to repay more than we eventually needed? And if we take too little? It is better not to worry about yourself.

Let’s not forget to compare the offers of banks and loan companies. To choose the most favorable arrangement for us, we must reliably calculate our options for regulating subsequent repayments.

When planning the arrangement of the office, let’s consider what quality of equipment and furniture we need. Is a multifunctional printer enough for us? Is an oak desk really necessary? Are we equipped with a laptop or desktop computer? Do we have to buy everything new?

Let’s not leave these decisions to the end! They constitute the sum of the loan, and thus our subsequent repayments!