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Technology has facilitated many processes. Now it is not necessary to go to the store to have the groceries of the week at the door of our house. We can do everything online! And you didn’t have to wait long for online loans to be a reality too.

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Initially, people became fearful of this modality, but requests for such loans have been increasing.

Part of the delay was due to the fear that people had about internet fraud, but nowadays, online payday lenders offering online payday loans take the necessary measures to make the whole process 100% secure.

The profile of people asking for loans

The profile of people asking for loans

As in a loan that goes hand in hand with technology, there is an individual profile that accesses these. Usually, 75% of those who apply for loans online are single people.

A similar percentage also resides in Lima. It is common, moreover, that among the group of applicants less than 50% have children. What allows to know that those who have family do not dare yet to risk these requests.

Loans with Good Finance in a few steps

Loans with Good Finance in a few steps

A great advantage of online loans is that you don’t need much paperwork to acquire them. Basically they are loans that are obtained only with Good Finance. As additional requirements to the previous one, you must also have a bank account and also optimal credit history. To confirm your identity they usually request an email or mobile number so you must have access to both easily.

When you go to take out a loan online: compare well before deciding. The first offer is usually tempting, but there may be better ones. Also, never accept a loan without planning the payments you will have to make or you will fall into debts that you will not be able to bear.